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"Ooooooh Lavbendaaaah Body Buttaaah! Aunty Nica you're the best. You can make me anything!"

-My Nephew Sanjai after I gave him a jar of Lavender Whipped Body Butter

I am a faithful user of Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secrets lotions and body sprays.  They are my go to and only preference of fragrance I use until I was introduced to Care Filled Essentials. Let me tell you, the second I opened up the jar of Blissful Spirit and smelled the scent I instantly perked up.

Please don’t take me as being dramatic but when I put some of that whipped body butter on my fingers and rubbed it into my hands it felt like an orchestra of violins playing in the background.  Oh my goodness, this is the creamiest and smoothest product ever! It just makes you obsessed. You wanna keep digging and digging.  I call it “obsessed with the dig.  I highly recommend this product. 

- D. T-D

This body butter is the BEST!  It’s a perfect blend with a hint of aromatherapy that leaves my body glistening and feeling soft with an enchanting scent!

– Ominira

I purchased the Lavender Whipped Body Butter several weeks ago because (a) I heard amazing things about the product; (b) I heard lavender helps relax you (I desperately needed some relaxation.); and (c) I'm a little older now and have dry skin, so I want to use only natural skin products.  The product exceeded my expectations!  The aroma alone makes me tranquil, putting me in a mild trance!  The body butter was a partial motivation for my efforts to redecorate my bedroom, so that it is more of a sanctuary than just a place for storing clothes and books.  The greatest benefit of all, however, is what it does for my skin.  I only have to apply a little and my skin remains moisturized for several hours with no reapplication!  As someone who lifts weights, I've even noticed a significant improvement of my hand calluses.


On another note, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the company!  I have purchased orders for my mother and other loved ones.  Each order arrived in a timely manner, and, most impressive of all, each came with a printed note that included an uplifting message, and a description of the ingredients.

I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone!

- Darian Marcel Parker, PhD Founder & CEO of Parker Academics, LLC

I love these products plain and simple. I have eczema and  I am very picky about what I put on my skin.  Besides the whipped body butter feeling amazing being applied, the different scents take me away. Right after a shower applying it makes me sleep through the night. I also use the scented oils as aroma therapy when I need to relax. These items were made with care, it's obvious. I'm a customer for life. Now I'm just waiting for a body scrub and it'll be a done deal for me.

- T. Ouvan

I instantly fell in love with Care Filled Essentials because of the great quality and consistency of all their products. I am hooked on their Body Butters because they are non greasy and effortlessly spreads on light all over my body. Ever since I began using Care Filled Essentials products, my skin looks radiant, revitalized and feels very soft. Their products absorbs quickly and moisturizes my skin extremely well for the entire day. I love the glow that it gives my skin. The fragrances of the scented body butters are natural, pleasant and long lasting. They smell so good!! I could hardly choose which ones to purchase when I am ready for my next batch.  All of the body butters are absolutely amazing!!!  Care Filled Essentials products are AWESOME! I highly recommend their products!! 

- Fritzlyn Hector

I'm a body butter fanatic and I'm so glad to have this product in my possession!  The scent, the texture and quality are amazing!!!!! I hide it in my house because I don't want to share with these other people I live with lol.

 - Chenoa B Pierre, Co-Founder of TheSoulWarrior

I’ve purchased many body butter products in my life. I must say, Care Filled Essentials is the best body butter I have ever used HANDS DOWN! The texture is made to perfection as it’s extremely smooth and easy to apply on the body. You will never find clumps in this body butter line. The essential oils combination balance each other to perfection. Honestly, this is the only body butter that I use.

- Tahirah Jannah T, Founder of Hearts Connecting 

Denica's butters are made with the same love and light that she shares with the world. They feel smooth and soothing day and night.

- Tricia Taitt, Founder & CEO The Art of Money Matters ️️Your Outsourced CFO

Love the Eucalyptus body butter...Soooo good on heels and the entire foot ..Softens and soothes go to right after showering ...My absolute Favorite!

- Lorrayne P

This is my second time getting this whipped body butter and each time I get a larger container because this product is great!  Each essential oil blend fulfills you with a different energy but it always leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished.

- CPayne

My family and I love Care filled Essentials whipped body butter. The texture and the smell are just exquisite.  My daughters enjoy being massaged with it after their evening bath and my husband and I love to use it during the day. The texture is light enough that I can put any clothes on top of it without worry of a stain. Definitely a favorite in our household so I am glad they ship all the way to California.

- Aimée Wodobodé, Mother of 2, Lecturer in West African Dance at UCLA

Looking for complete satisfaction, look no further! Care Filled Essentials has been my go to all over body moisturizer.  I have my favorite but each product has a way of giving you the exact feeling you're looking for but didn't know you were looking for it. It soothes, it lathers, it moisturizes, and the smells are a heavenly! It is made with love, care, and sprinkles sweetness. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.️

 - Shaluga Dennis Bailey, Celebrity Hairstylist-Artist

I love my body butter, it's so rich and moisturizing. I've used many brands and haven't brought any other butter since I've discovered this brand.  I love my body butter.  It makes my skin so silky but not greasy.  I hope everyone buys this body butter and share your experience.

- JuJu, Founder and CEO of TheChefJuJu

I love the Eucalyptus infused body butter.  I’ve notice my skin has not been so dry since using this.  The ingredients are really good quality and the customer service is amazing.

 - Mukarram T Muhammad, Owner of Project Nourish San Diego

My family and I have been using the whipped body butter by DAR for several months now.  We really love this product.  It is the only moisturizer we use because it is soft, creamy and works very well as a moisturizer for the entire body.  I like that the ingredients are organic and can be used on all skin types.

- S. Desamours, RN MSN 

Care Filled Essentials Soothing Comfort and Peace & Happiness is just what it says. It doesn’t only smell great but it truly aids you in comfort and relaxation.  I wear it especially when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious..It instantly lifts my spirit.
I highly recommend this product for anyone who is on their spiritual journey or just need to feel a sense of calmness and peace in the midst of a hectic world.

- Anonymous

 I love Care Filled Essentials whipped body butter by DAR.  The cream makes my skin feel healthier and I love the glow of my skin after applying it.  My daughter and nephew both suffer from eczema, this cream helps to keep their skin moisturized and we are experiencing less break outs.  Thank you Denica for such a wonderful product.

 - Dunia Gibson FNP-C

Thank God for your product! I scooped out some "Soothing Comfort" - needed it! & I started to rub it in & I was like oh! Luxurious! I was expecting it to feel like rubbing on shea butter which is thick & takes awhile to emulsify but it went on smoothly & smells yummy! I felt like I was moisturizing after a relaxing bath though it was just my hands! My skin looks, feels & smells wonderful! I feel like I'm taking especially good care of myself by using Care Filled Essentials Soothing Comfort Whipped Body Butter!

- K. C-Takyi

 I really appreciate the quality of the creams. My skin is looking very healthy and has a nice glow. I use more during the winter months as conditions cause my skin to dry faster. Thank you Care Filled Essentials.

-H. Taalib-Din

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